About us

Welcome to Tengu Wholesale your new reliable wholesaler from China. Over the recent period of time, we invested countless hours in providing you with the items that matter. We are focused on a blend between the quality and a low price. We should add that all the items we offer reflect this combination and each one features high-quality and an affordable price. Now you can get the best from both worlds and enjoy in reselling them.

There are all kinds of items we have prepared and the list is becoming longer as we speak. We are adding new ones on a regular basis and we will look for new possibilities that must be used at the right time. For our clients, this is a game-changing advantage we offer and something that makes us stand out from the crowd. In other words, we want to become the best in what we do and hopefully, all of you will realize that and understand our main mission.

Be free to explore a wide database of items we have prepared. There will be something for everyone and something that will put a smile on your face as soon as you see it. Of course, we will invest a significant period of time into providing items that are popular across the world and desirable for the highest number of customers from any country you can think of. There are no limits we see and there are no issues in what we have to offer. Excellence is a mandatory segment of our business and the life energy we have.

We are always available and we are here to assist you in any way we can. Business is important for us, but clients are definitely more important and they are something that really matters. Give us a chance and see for yourself why we are the best of them all. Why we have millions of clients from all parts of the globe and why 99% of our clients are repetitive clients who have been working with us for years. Chances are high that you will become one of them.

When we said there are no limits, we believe in each and every letter of the world. We are able to meet any requirement you may have on, mind and we will continue to increase the list of services and possibilities you will need or better said you must use in the future. Together we can accomplish a lot of things and we can do everything. Try us once and see why we believe this and why we are your new best friend. Enjoy in your merchandise and enjoy in high-quality service every single time you need it.